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Our story

In 2017, while diving into AI applications, we spotted hurdles that held businesses back. We noticed the fragmentation in the AI toolchain, where multiple tools had to mesh just right for developers to collaborate, build, and deploy AI. More so, platforms that seemed like a one-stop solution often had strings attached, limiting AI ownership and cloud flexibility.
Enter Git AI: Our solution that bridges these gaps. As a Git-native platform, it offers a unified experience for code, model, and data, and champions true AI ownership. Given that over 90% of developers are already Git users, Git AI slips right into the daily grind, making transitions smooth. Plus, with Git AI, businesses get to choose their cloud - any cloud.

Collaborate, Build and Deploy

Collaborate with GIT AI

  • Unified Git for code, model, data

  • Git-based experiment tracking

  • Git-based CI/CD

CodeDepot Collaborate with GIT AI

Build with GIT AI

  • Compute & storage APIs

  • Multi-node framework

  • Cloud-agnostic

CodeDepot Build with GIT AI

Deploy with GIT AI

  • Integrated external services

  • Resource monitoring

  • Environment management

CodeDepot Deploy with GIT AI

Meet our Team

Codedepot Team - Babak Falsafi CEO | Co-Founder
Babak FalsafiCEOCo-Founder
Codedepot Team - Mario Drumond CTO | Co-Founder
Mario DrumondCTOCo-Founder
Codedepot Team - Stella Loizou Engineering Director | Co-Founder
Stella LoizouEngineering DirectorCo-Founder
Codedepot Team - Martin Jaggi Director
Martin JaggiDirector

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