Git AI—The MLOps platform that integrates Git into AI

Streamline your AI workflow with Git AI

Accelerate your AI deployment with CodeDepot's Git AI. Our Git‑native MLOps platform empowers you to build, and deploy AI across any cloud environment, including platform‑less GPU clouds and on-premises clouds.

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Why GIT AI ?

Are you tired of navigating a sea of MLOps tools? Struggling to configure various toolchains for code, model, and data just to build, track, and deploy AI experiments? Streamline your AI workflow with Git AI, our Git-native, single-interface MLOps platform that is language-, hardware-, and cloud-agnostic. Accessible via both a web app and a command-line interface, Git AI integrates Git version control—used by 95% of developers worldwide—to reduce the need for large development teams, ease adoption, enhance collaboration, and accelerate AI development and deployment. It ensures AI sovereignty with open APIs for seamless AI deployment across any cloud, avoiding vendor lock-in and providing instant access to a vast range of open-source AI models.

Git Adoption Rate

Save on GPU Clouds

CAGR of Sovereign Clouds

How to use it?

collaborate with git AI at CodeDepot


Track your experiments with a single Git-native repository for code, model and data.

build with git AI at CodeDepot


Develop your AI with open compute and storage APIs for a public or private cloud.

deploy with git AI at CodeDepot


Monitor your resources and manage environment with a single configuration.

Avoid lock-in. Run anywhere. Accelerate AI deployment.

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