Our Mission

Accelerating AI Deployment. Ensuring AI Sovereignty.

We accelerate AI deployment with a Git-native platform, easing adoption and enhancing collaboration.

We empower customers to freely choose their cloud providers, avoiding vendor lock-in and ensuring complete AI sovereignty.

Our Journey

It all began with Mario, our CTO and co-founder, who during his PhD research into AI accelerators, stumbled upon a pervasive challenge. While the Git version control system reigned as the preferred tool for code development, it frustratingly fell short in supporting AI workflows. Inspired to bridge this gap, Mario envisioned CodeDepot—a place where AI development could not only thrive alongside the trusted mechanisms of Git but also accelerate significantly.

The foundation was laid in 2020, and by 2024, CodeDepot was not just an idea but a vibrant reality. From day one, we set out to tackle the complexities that bogged down AI developers when integrating multiple toolchains with Git. Mario wasn’t alone in his frustrations—many in the AI research community shared these challenges, and their shared experiences underscored the urgency for a solution like ours.

Guiding us on this journey is Babak, whose strategic acumen has steered CodeDepot through the evolving tech landscape. His leadership is profoundly influenced by a commitment to innovation, efficiency, and sustainability in AI development, ensuring that as we develop technology, we are also crafting a future that is responsible and forward-thinking.

Codedepot Team - Babak Falsafi CEO | Co-Founder
Babak FalsafiCEOCo-Founder

Mario, has been pivotal in designing the backend architecture of Git AI, which seamlessly integrates with Git to create a single-interface tool for all aspects of AI development and deployment. His leadership in this area ensures that everything from model training to deployment can be handled through one single platform, accelerating the AI development process for our customers.

Codedepot Team - Mario Drumond CTO | Co-Founder
Mario DrumondCTOCo-Founder

Stella brings her sharp software development expertise to lead our engineering team. She has been instrumental in shaping Git AI, infusing it with ideas that capture the market's needs and setting it on a path to meet and exceed developer expectations. Her focus on making the Git AI interface as intuitive and user-friendly as possible ensures that our tools are accessible to developers at all levels.

Codedepot Team - Stella Loizou Engineering Director | Co-Founder
Stella LoizouEngineering DirectorCo-Founder

Together, this talented trio fosters a culture of innovation at CodeDepot, where early insights and community feedback lead to solutions that streamline AI development. Our journey is characterized by collaboration and curiosity, with a commitment to empowering AI developers with the essential tools needed to boost AI innovation.

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