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Revolutionizing AI with Git AI—The MLOps Platform

Explore CodeDepot’s Git-native MLOps platform for AI deployment and avoid cloud vendor lock-in.

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Babak Falsafi
Babak Falsafi
CEO, Co-Founder
CodeDepot Launches

In today’s rapidly evolving generative AI landscape, are you grappling with the high price of GPUs along with the escalating costs and scarcity of skilled developers? Does vendor lock-in stifle your ability to innovate freely? These persistent barriers demand a revolutionary solution. Introducing CodeDepot’s Git AI—a game-changer engineered to streamline sovereign AI development and deployment, with a higher return on investment.

Accelerating AI Deployment: The Power of a Git-Native MLOps Platform

CodeDepot, equipped with Git AI, marks a radical departure from traditional AI development approaches.

A staggering 95% of developers worldwide already use Git. Leveraging its extensive features and widespread familiarity, we've streamlined AI development and deployment processes with our MLOps platform. This platform simplifies the AI workflow by replacing multiple, complex AI development tools with a single, Git-native interface to accelerate AI projects.

By integrating Git version control into the AI workflow for the first time, we are set to reduce AI development costs and boost innovation. This approach gives developers unprecedented autonomy, enabling sovereign AI deployment across any cloud—public or private—without the constraints of vendor lock-in.

Why Git AI Stands Apart in MLOps Platforms

Streamlining AI Workflow from AI Development to Deployment

A Git-native single-interface MLOps platform enables developers to seamlessly transition from development to deployment using just one tool. This integration not only simplifies version control and collaboration with familiar Git commands but also reduces the need for extensive development teams, thereby maximizing return on investment.

Ensuring AI Sovereignty and Avoiding Vendor Lock-In

Using Git AI's open APIs allows developers to regain control of their infrastructure, granting them the freedom to deploy AI models on any cloud—public or private. This autonomy enhances AI sovereignty, ensuring developers can select the optimal environment for their needs without restrictions.

Securing Instant Access to the Best Open-Source AI Models

Developers have instant access to an array of foundation AI models, including innovative Large Language Models (LLMs) and other deep learning models. This privilege provides a robust foundation for AI projects from the start, facilitating rapid development and deployment.

Engaging with Git AI:

Web App: Access public models, control the versions of metadata (metrics, model topology, plots) and files, track experiments, run jobs, and compare metadata effortlessly...[Explore More]

Control the Versions of Metadata and Files
Control the Versions of Metadata and Files
Track Experiments
Track Experiments
Run Jobs
Run Jobs
Compare Metadata
Compare Metadata

Git Extension for AI: Manage models and experiments with intuitive Git commands directly from your terminal..[Learn How]

AI CLI & Open GraphQL API: Optimize AI workflows and manage AI clusters, ensuring seamless integration with external platforms for deployment on any cloud environment...[Get Started Now]

AI CLI and Git AI
AI CLI and Git AI

Introducing CodeDepot’s Team

At the helm of CodeDepot are Babak Falsafi, CEO; Mario Drumond, CTO; and Stella Loizou, Director of Engineering—each bringing unparalleled expertise and a unified vision that has propelled Git AI technology from a visionary concept to a transformative reality. Their collective wisdom ensures CodeDepot not only meets but anticipates the evolving requirements of developers and AI-focused companies.

Vision and Milestones

CodeDepot is committed to transforming AI development and deployment into a process that is accessible and efficient for all developers. Our mission is to establish Git AI as the leading MLOps platform, designed not only to accelerate AI development through easier adoption and enhanced collaboration but also to expand access to a wide range of cloud providers, each equipped with the latest GPUs and custom AI accelerators. We are dedicated to ensuring AI sovereignty, empowering developers to choose their preferred cloud providers freely, avoiding vendor lock-in and maintaining full ownership of their AI.

Future Milestones:

  • Expanding Partnerships with GPU Providers: Making top-tier computational resources more readily available to developers.
  • Evolving Git AI: Committing to the ongoing refinement of our technology to meet the cutting-edge demands of AI development.
  • AI Sovereignty: Strengthening the autonomy and control developers have over their AI projects.
  • Fostering a Vibrant Community: Building a supportive network of AI developers and aficionados, dedicated to advancing the field of AI.

Transform Your AI Workflow with Git AI

We invite you to join us in this revolutionary journey to redefine AI development. Visit our web app to discover the capabilities of CodeDepot, sign up for free to begin your AI projects and shape the future of AI development.

Welcome to the new era of AI innovation with CodeDepot.

Together, we make AI development faster, more accessible, and free from constraints.

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